Zoo Navigator created using Wallflower Navigator.

The Wallflower Navigator is ideal for shopping mall or store operators or any other large public place who want to provide customers/visitors with navigating and informational kiosks. Wallflower is now the ideal solution.

A unique interface allows unskilled operators to easily enter routing and store location information and revise it as required. Wallflower is able to calculate the fastest and most accessible routes automatically. Store events and promotions can be updated simply offering opportunities to generate revenue from paid advertising.

The Wallflower Navigator includes functionality to display directory boards, Special Event details, accept feeds from Cinema or other timetable systems, Web Feeds, Promotional and other Information.

More info at: http://www.wallflowerglobal.com

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Demo template showing IPTV/Streaming Video with Ads/Promotions, created using Wallflower Digital Signage Software.

Both Wallflower Network and Wallflower Lite support IPTV/Streaming video.

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This demo uses Wallflower Detective to control content on the Digital Signage Screens. In other words, this demo uses a physical switch to control content on the Digital Signage Screens.

As Dynamic Digital Signage increasingly becomes incorporated into interactive installations such as point of purchase display stands, devices such as proximity detectors are becoming an important component. The world is focused on saving energy. It is important to include detection devices into installations as far as possible to switch off displays when there is no audience.

Implementation of such devices is simple with Wallflower. A wide range of proximity detectors, pressure pads and other devices are in use with Wallflower worldwide. As an extension to this functionality, Wallflower is now able to be controlled by multiple detectors for each display.

For more info visit: Wallflower Global

This demo uses Wallflower Detective to change the content on Digital Signage screens.

For more info visit: http://www.wallflowerglobal.com

Digital signage screen layout created using Wallflower Scheduler.

The screen is split into 4 parts

1) Top: Two banners (using the scroll function in Wallflower Scheduler)

2) Middle: Video

3) Bottom right: 4 banners (using the scroll function in Wallflower Scheduler)

4) Bottom Right: 4 Blocks (using the scroll function in Wallflower Scheduler)

For more info on Wallflower Scheduler visit: http://www.wallflowerglobal.com

The Wallflower Site Manager is an indispensible tool for all users of Wallflower or other Dynamic Digital Signage Software who manage networks of screens.

The site Manager provides constant automatic monitoring of the status of your displays and routers.

It is able to alert technicians to problem areas such as network disconnections or PCs powered off.

It includes an asset management facility to allow you to record details of all signage hardware assets on the network and to record issue histories.

The network scanner function can discover devices on the network and add them into the asset database.

More details at: http://www.wallflowerglobal.com

Wallflower is the most complete solution for any Digital Signage requirement. Wallflower is the only Digital Signage product that delivers not only Signage for Advertising, Corporate and other information systems, but includes Wayfinder management, Touch screen development and many other features all developed by the same team. Other packages rely on third parties to provide much functionality. Wallflower provides one point of contact for information about all aspects of the package.

Visit Wallflower Global for more info